Components for air- and space travel

Aviation is a technology industry that operates with strict quality and safety standards. As one of the driving industries, aerospace OEMs demand a high level of materials expertise from their service providers and compliance with minimum manufacturing tolerances while maintaining economic aspects.
Since the mid-1970s, we, as an aviation-approved subcontractor, have been meeting all safety and quality-related requirements and manufacturing high-quality components from aviation-approved materials such as aluminum and titanium alloys, high-strength steels, and stainless steels.

As a specialist in the field of machining titanium, we have the manufacturing know-how to precisely machine titanium forgings (including beta-annealed titanium) despite their high strength and low thermal conductivity. In addition to titanium machining of structural components, we have expertise in hard machining of special materials, manufacturing of hydraulic components and metal components for fuel systems. The processes required for manufacturing are certified and approved according to our customers' requirements, which include:

QSF-A (quality assurance requirements of the BDLI)
AIRBUS approvals for machining of metallic materials including post-processing as well as special approvals: Rivet drilling & decorative brushing

Aerospace is a fascinating industry that operates with the strictest quality and safety standards. As an industry with primarily small batch sizes, aerospace companies are challenged to always produce the highest level of safety under economic aspects. Lightweight materials such as aluminum or titanium are designed and machined in the best possible way to meet the requirements.
As a certified supplier, we have been meeting all safety and quality requirements since the mid-1970s and manufacture high-quality components, including thrust transmission joints for the Ariane program.

As an expert in these fields, in addition to our existing process chain, we support our customers in the design of existing products, assist in the selection and procurement of materials, processes and standard designs. We manage the entire supply chain, from material procurement to assembly, in compliance with the requirements, guaranteeing the best possible performance for all parties. If you are looking for a partner to support you in aerospace design and manufacturing, please contact us!


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