Production Engineering / Programming

The components that are constructed in the development departments of aerospace and mechanical engineering industry are becoming increasingly complex.
As a powerful machining contracter with decades of experience we implement solutions tailored to ensure an economic component manufacturing.

The manufacture of precision components makes high demands on the internal work planning and work control methodology. To this end, we rely on the FAUSER ERP / MES solutions with EDI connection.
Your design data used by our highly qualified NC technicians as a basis for NC programming and component testing. Cutting-edge software products guarantee that CAD data of different formats can be read and processed.


CAD/CAM-System and IT-supportet tool management


2 1/2D- and 3D design and programming system
Operating system: Windows 7
Interfaces : IGES, CATIA , STEP, DXF
To ensure the smooth running and at any time reproducible tool use in different machining processes , is with us the IT-based tool management COSCOM ToolDIRECTOR used.